Ram Board Floor Protection Paper

Ram Board Floor Protection Paper is a Green, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty temporary floor protection used to protect any type of surface. Known as Ram Board, Armour Roll, Layout Board, Fiber board, Fiberock, Builder Board, Protect Board etc.

Not only does Ram Board Floor Protection Board offer shielding from heavy traffic, but it also provides a barrier for many materials used commonly in construction projects. The hefty design of Flex-Fiber works in combination with SPILL GUARD technology to provide DEALS PAPER customers with an effective solution for minimizing the impact of working over existing surfaces with the high demands that construction projects require.

Ram Board Floor Protection Paper has been made for re-use at multiple construction sites as well. This means your investment will not be disposable, but continuing to hold worth many times after its initial use. Ram Board can be laid out in only a matter of minutes, and holds the ability to remain stain-free from the materials it comes across as you work. The material is also made breathable in order to provide the appropriate environments needed for new floor construction projects to cure as they are intended to.

Protect existing floor surfaces such as concrete, tile, wood, linoleum, vinyl composite tile(VCT), stone, Terrazzo, epoxy and just about any other kind of floor with none other than Ram Board Floor Protection Board.

Available in thickness 0.9mm 38′ x 100 feet (317 sq.ft.) rolls in varying quantities, no construction project is too big or to small to have ultimate protection at an affordable price.

Detail Specification
Material100% recycled paper
ThicknessRoll type: 0.9mm 1.2mm Sheet type:1.5mm 2mm
Length30m or 100′ or custom
Packagingwood pallet packaging , 25 rolls per pallet
WeightAbout 15kgs per roll
MOQ1000 rolls
Production Time15-30 days
CharactersBreathable, Waterproof etc