Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape

Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape is producing with our exclusive Vapor-Cure technology. When used to join Ram Board seams, it prevents cure lines and promotes even finishes in curing floors. This breathable tape allows vapors and moisture to escape from concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors, refinished floors, vct, and most other floor types. When used with Ram Board, our breathable tape provides the only complete Vapor-Cure floor protection system on the market.

Because Vapor-Cure Tape is designed to join Ram Board seams, its contractor grade adhesive should not be taped directly to any finished surface.


Exclusive Vapor-Cure Tape:
• Prevents cure lines in concrete
• Prevents blotchy finishes in curing floors
• Allows vapors and moisture to escape
• 3″ Easily covers Ram Board seams
• Lays out fast

Ram Board Seam Tape

Seam Tape is the only tape designed to hold Ram Board seams together. Duct tape won’t work, nor will normal box tape, because Ram Board has a water-resistant sealer that won’t adhere to those tapes.

Seam Tape comes in rolls 3″ x 164′ long, which should be enough for seaming an entire roll. Ram Board can and should be used multiple times, however Seam Tape is not reusable. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase several rolls.

Because of its contractor-grade adhesive, Seam Tape should not be taped directly to finished floors or other finished surfaces. Like most tape, it’s not vapor permeable and should be avoided in areas where curing floors need to breathe such as concrete or hardwood floors that have been recently finished. There is another product for that purpose called Vapor Cure Tape.

Don’t waste your time on anything else. We already tried.

This is the only product that will adhere well and stay down through lots of foot traffic. We recommend you buy a few extra rolls if you plan to reuse your Ram Board many times.

Features & benefits


  • 100% recyclable – eco-friendly; has no odor
  • Quick installation – lays out fast and sticks very well
  • Specs – 3″ x 164′, heavy duty contractor-grade 6 mil thick



Ram Board

Ram Board is a heavy-duty floor protector that prevents damage from impact, scratching and spills. This is a contractor-grade durable product that’s easy to use and re-use many times over. It’s made of a highly dense 100% recycled material, and comes in 38″ wide x 100′ long rolls.

Drop your tools or tool box, drag your equipment, or spill your coffee all over it and it won’t disappoint. The thick cardboard rolls out easily, cuts easily and lays flat without crumpling.

Within minutes you can roll it out over any hard surface such as concrete, wood, tile, linoleum, cork, bamboo, etc., cut it to size and then tape up the seams. Ram Board is ideal for guarding newly finished floors because it breathes and allows finishes to cure properly. It’s far cheaper than repairing damages to your existing floor.

Eliminate worry from kids, dogs or contractors messing up your nice new floor. Forget about cheap construction paper, cardboard boxes or plastic sheeting — they don’t protect against heavy impact or excessive moisture. They tear, crumble and leak, and they never lay flat because they were not made to lay flat or to handle heavy abuse.

Ram Board works far better because it was designed to withstand constant traffic, heavy abrasion, impact and lots of disrespect. It sets up quickly and easily, and rolls back up in minutes.

Note: Ram Board requires Ram Tape for seaming, as nothing else will stick to it. Make sure you buy plenty because you’ll use the Ram Board over and over again which requires more tape.

Features & benefits

Protection against abuse : from impact, abrasion, dogs, kids and contractors

Spill-guard : protects against water, mud, paint and stains

Re-usable : can be used on dozens of different kinds of projects and will last for many years

Recycled/Recylable : made of 100% recycled materials that are FSC-certified; is recyclable at end of useful life

Breathable : newly created Flex-fiber allows new concrete or wood finishes to cure properly

Safe : non-toxic, zero VOC with no odor

Convenient : comes in rolls 38″ wide x 100′ long x 36mls thick, cuts easily with box knife and tapes up with Ram Tape.

Wall guard : allows you to crease Ram Board easily to protect walls and base molding

Saves your investment : guards your beautiful floors which saves you money and worry.