ram board ram seam tape

Ram Board Seam Tape

Seam Tape is the only tape designed to hold Ram Board seams together. Duct tape won’t work, nor will normal box tape, because Ram Board has a water-resistant sealer that won’t adhere to those tapes.

Seam Tape comes in rolls 3″ x 164′ long, which should be enough for seaming an entire roll. Ram Board can and should be used multiple times, however Seam Tape is not reusable. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase several rolls.

Because of its contractor-grade adhesive, Seam Tape should not be taped directly to finished floors or other finished surfaces. Like most tape, it’s not vapor permeable and should be avoided in areas where curing floors need to breathe such as concrete or hardwood floors that have been recently finished. There is another product for that purpose called Vapor Cure Tape.

Don’t waste your time on anything else. We already tried.

This is the only product that will adhere well and stay down through lots of foot traffic. We recommend you buy a few extra rolls if you plan to reuse your Ram Board many times.

Features & benefits


  • 100% recyclable – eco-friendly; has no odor
  • Quick installation – lays out fast and sticks very well
  • Specs – 3″ x 164′, heavy duty contractor-grade 6 mil thick